Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Undomestic Goddess

Leave it to me to start off by reading a book that I didn't even put on my list. My need to rebel against structure--even structure I myself set up--is obviously taking over here. I have started about four of the books on THE LIST, but last weekend we were at a garage sale, and I found Chick Lit books for 50 cents! Of course, I had to have them. I hadn't read these particular ones before, and come on! 50 cents.

So we start off the blog with the great Sophie Kinsella. I have read the entire Shopaholic series, and loved it. I have also read a few of Madeline Wickham's books. (This is Kinsella's pseudonym. Or, Kinsella is Wickham's pseudonym. Anyway, they're the same person!) I enjoy her books a lot because of the always too-quirky-to-be-believed main character (female), and the always too-understanding-and-handsome-to-be-believed main character (male) who inevitably interact. I have realized that her books are VERY formulaic. Okay, ALL Chick Lit is the same. Heck, a lot of fiction is practically carbon copies of itself, just change a few names.

Still, I like it. I don't need the plot to be a complete mystery. I enjoy the fact that the minute details are different, and revealed slowly over the course of 350 pages. And it feels good to be able to read that 350 pages in less than two days. The first book has been read.

Now, to start on my actual list of 100. Next time!

Have you read The Undomestic Goddess? What did you think of it? Spoilers are allowed in comments section, so feel free to discuss.

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