Thursday, July 9, 2009

A List-in-Progress + Very Ambitious Goal-Setter

I stumbled across this in-progess list of 101 books to read when I was looking for info on a 10k I will be running in August. The author of this blog seems to me to be both inspiring and tiring. I wish I could be like her, but I would never be able to do what she's doing currently. Her overall goal is to complete 101 goals in 1001 days. Yet her 101 goals often contain goals-within-goals that resemble so many wooden dolls hidden inside other wooden dolls. I can't keep track, and I have no idea how she is updating so frequently and keeping everything straight. She even admits when she's missed a goal for the week. Why bother? Is anyone really going to call her on a failure? Who else can keep track of what she's supposed to be doing? If it were me, I'd be spending so much time keeping track of what I was supposed to be attempting, I'd have no time to do it.

Kudos to you, taraSG. You make the blog world much more interesting!