Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Modern Library's 100 Best Novels List (and Counter-List)

This link will take you to the site for The Modern Library, whose board has chosen the 100 Best Novels of all time. The list includes such greats as Ulysses (which I've never read) and The Great Gatsby (which I've read about 15 times). It is an ambitious list, and SocrMom78 over at 100 Books in 100 Weeks has decided to undertake the reading of all 100 in just 100 weeks. Good luck and good reading to her!

The parallel Reader's List of 100 books on the Modern Library site is just as good, and includes some great works forgotten on the Board's List. (Ahem, To Kill a Mockingbird!) Anyway, check out the site if you are in need of a good book recommendation.