Monday, September 12, 2011

Surrogacy Was The Way

Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their StoriesSurrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories by Zara Griswold

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Absolutely essential reading for anyone embarking on the journey of surrogacy!
As a potential Gestional Surrogate (GS) I found each story (from the Intended Mother's point of view) to be informational and educational. This journey is emotional beyond imagining, and the best we can each do is try to understand where we are both coming from.
I think this book also highlights one major aspect of surrogacy--matching. The right match, much like a marriage, must not be entered into hastily or lightly. Just because logistics work out, doesn't mean the match is right. There must be a "good vibe" between the surrogate and the intended parents, before making the match official.

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