Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reading Pledge!

I will read every day.
I will pass on the great books I enjoy. (I just wish Room was lending-enabled on my Kindle...)
I will give books as gifts to children in my life.
I will create my personal "Bookprint" by sharing the five books that influenced who I am today at and will encourage my friends and colleagues to do the same. (Consider yourself "encouraged" to do so.)
I will be a reading role model for my child by reading every day.
I will have books at home for my child to enjoy.
I will help my child carve out time in the day just for reading.
From birth through the teen years, I will read to and with my child.
I will encourage my child to choose the books he or she wants to read.
I will take my child to sign up for a library card.
I will volunteer to read to children at school or in my community.