Saturday, April 10, 2010

How My Breasts Saved the World: Misadventures of a Nursing Mother (Miscellaneous, #4)

I needed this book. I was just days into being a new mom, and I had had no idea how hard it would be! I needed comfort, security, and reassurance that all of what I was going through is what other moms had struggled with in new parenthood as well.
After reading this book, I felt like the author was one of my new Mommy Friends. We related. We understood each other. In short, I read this at exactly the right time in my life, and I loved it.
The only downside is that after reading it, I wanted more books that were memoirs of new parenthood--not necessarily breastfeeding per se, but just the struggles involved with taking care of the new human being. I became obsessed with finding more of this kind of book! I even started writing one of my own... Anyway, I found some good ones--I Sleep at Red Lights (written by the DAD of a toddler and newborn triplets), and Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay (her chapter on being okay with switching to formula was what I needed to read at the time). Still none compared to my first Virtual Mommy Friend found in the pages of Wood Shapiro's work. I found a friend there in a time of struggle... and she was just what I needed.